A calm return to the chair when you’re ready

We know you might not be ready to come back for a haircut. That’s okay.

This is a confusing time for everyone with different, conflicting and misinformation. But most of us just want a damn haircut. But maybe you aren’t ready yet? Or maybe you’ve been ready for things to just open up all along. Most of us are somewhere in the middle. We’d like to provide a brief history of our shops commitment to cleanliness and how we have brought on additional protocol during the COVID-19 crisis.

Barbershops are regulated by the DOS in NY. That means we hold a license, there are rules and guidelines we must follow. If we don’t follow – them there are fines. If you’d like to read the full NYS DOS Barbershop guidelines that we are legally bound to uphold thoseĀ can be found here.

The guidelines include keeping a clean shop, disinfecting clippers and tools between each client, no neck dusters, no spitting on the floor (not kidding – the rules were updated in 2016 but this sounds like a carry over from the 1916 edition) among others. These vary state by state as each has their own set of regulations or lack of regulations for the barbing industry (looking at you Alabama).

When working on our brand and logo we stressed with the design team our commitment to running a clean shop as well as classic haircuts. They came back to us with this double-entendre and that’s really hitting home during the pandemic.

This commitment to exceeding guidelines for sanitization resulted in us tracking down an air purification system that worked in the benefit of our health and our clients. The setup cost almost $4,000 which is a big investment for a business with tight margins – but the health of our barbers and clients is worth it. Spraying chemical disinfectant on clippers after each and every client can lead to build up in the air. Build up of chemicals no one wants to breath. But with this system we are able to capture that chemical at the source and then dissipate it. Any leftovers are then caught in the room air purifier.

So here we are in the middle of a pandemic. We felt we were in a good position when re-opening became an option, we already went above and beyond the rulebook. In addition to our standard procedures, the following are the protocols we implemented internally when re-opening in Phase II.

  • Testing barbers for COVID 19 every 14 days
  • Barbers (and all clients) are doing a self health assessment and temperature check at ampellbarbershop.com/health before entering the shop
  • Mask and hand sanitizer are required before entering
  • Barbers keep a station cleaning log as well as a community shop cleaning log (that can be downloaded here)
    • Beyond our typical tool sanitization and disinfection our entire station, chair and additional areas are disinfected between each client
  • All capes are a one use and then laundered on site
  • The shop is wiped down in common areas with disinfectant on a regular basis

You have a choice right now in the midst of a pandemic – stay home, go out with caution or go out pretending life is normal – maybe somewhere in the middle of all of that. That decision is up to you. We don’t hold judgement either way.

There will be shops that do more than us and there will be other shops that do much less. There will be people who stay home and those that choose to go out.

The choice is wholly up to you and this post serves as not judgement what others do but hoping to provide you a bit of comfort on returning when you are ready.

If you are ready you can book an appointment online here.