When you’re ready

We are currently rolling out a phased approach of re-opening starting on Friday June 5th. Please be patient as we do our best to safely re-open our doors and retain our brand, vibe and culture.

Shop rules & requirements

  • Masks are required in shop at all times, no exceptions (adults & children)
  • We are moving to appointment only
  • We must book and pre-pay online at
  • Wait outside for your appointment, your barber will call or text you when they are ready
  • All customers are required to complete a self health screening @ before receiving a service
  • No squad for appointments
  • One adult may accompany one child for their appointment
  • Children MAY NOT wait in the shop while an adult gets a haircut
  • Children / Adult MAY NOT receive a service at the same time
  • No public restrooms
  • Follow tape on floor directly to your barbers chair
  • This shop has a NYS Safety Plan in place and neither shop nor barbers will be liable for COVID 19 illness
  • Plan is available online at

Download our latest New York State safety plan at the link above.

Read the current Phase 2 NYS regulations here and here.