Kids Haircuts

We are a classic gentlemen barbershop and service a client base of 2 years – 82 years old. We pride ourselves taking time with each client to get the look just right.

We frequently get asked if do kids haircuts and wanted to let you know more about the experience you can expect here.

All children 2 and up are welcome if they are ready for an adult barbershop experience. That includes sitting in the waiting area until it is their turn in the chair, no horseplay in the shop or wandering into the cutting area while we are with other clients. This is for their safety, our clients safety and our safety as we do play with sharp objects all day.

We will never “force” a child to get their haircut. That includes sitting in the chair with mom/dad, forcibly holding them or their head or chasing them in the chair. They must be able to sit in the chair (we do provide some Pete The Cat or Star Wars on VHS if they’d like) for 20 minutes.

If your child is a “difficult” haircut or it is their first haircut and sounds like we might not be a good fit yet, please check out haircuts for peanuts. They are a great Fairport business and set up to keep the children calm and engaged during the haircut and they have years of experience, we highly recommend them.

With that being said if your little guy is looking to come down, get cleaned up, chat baseball and sit with the big boys – we will treat them with the respect of any of our other clients.

If your child has special needs, including sensory issues – please call or visit the shop we will do our best to make accommodations for the cut.