Some of our favorite clients are Lil Dapper gents. Our friend here comes for a cut nearly every two weeks, starting this routine before his 2nd birthday! 

Thank you for considering Ampell Barbershop. When considering our shop, please keep in mind, we are an extremely busy barbershop. We have a policy in place so that everyone – you, your family, our barbers, and other clients have the best experience possible.

Most importantly, your child has a great haircutting experience at a young age to set themselves up for a lifetime of enjoying the barbershop. 

We work hard curating a great atmosphere for all our guests who come in and we also care deeply about the safety of your little ones. If you have not been to our shop before, we have big metal industrial fixtures, lots of retail items, a jukebox, quality barber chairs, not to mention we do a ton of beard trims and work with straight razors. Our shop is not set up as a place for children to run, play, etc.

Ampell Barbershop children policy is as follows:

  • If it is your child’s first haircut − we do not recommend Ampell Barbershop − we suggest you contact Haircuts for Peanuts for a first cut; they specialize in children’s haircuts
  • If your child does not enjoy getting their haircut, cries, screams, needs to be held, or sit with an adult, Ampell Barbershop is not the best fit for your child – consider Haircuts for Peanuts; they specialize in children’s haircuts
  • Children or adults with special needs, please email us at, and we will do our absolute best to accommodate or find a suitable solution for your child’s haircutting needs
  • “Skin Fades” or “Bald Fades” are considered an adult service – please book an adult haircut so we have the full 45 minutes needed to complete them.
  • If the lil one is ready to go get a haircut with the big guys, we look forward to seeing them soon!