Ampell Barbershop Story

Ampell Barbershop is focused on two things. One, creating the best cut, environment, and experience for our clients. Second, providing the absolute best place for barbers to start and further their careers.

Our very first location in Fairport NY was located in the former site of the Crosman arms BB gun factory. Our owner’s great Grandfather was the first CEO/President of Crosman working in the very same building on the floor above where we got started. After getting Crosman off the ground he left to start his own company Am-Pell (American Pellet).

Ultimately Am-Pell was seen as a failure by the family closing just a few years after getting off the ground. But looking back two generations later, he inspired every generation after him to start their own companies – home improvement, hot dog/pizza stand, real estate, pools and now barbers – that list goes on and on.

We felt it only right to take on the family name as we grow beyond the historic Crosman building.

Check out our careers page if you’re interested in cutting alongside us.